Thursday, 24 March 2011

time to think.

When I think about running a half marathon, I mentally decide i am not going to. :)

I think the distance is just too far, that 21k is just unfathomable. but when I am out running, and I hit the tenth km I think, I could do this again, I could run another ten. I mean, it will kinda suck and my legs are pretty tired all ready, but I could do it, I just gotta take it one km at a time. I try to somewhat keep an eye on my pace, and that means keeping an eye on my time and I hate that part :) I truly believe that when you see the time going by, it makes everything just so much ssslllooowweeerrrr. While my training program wants me to be at around 8:30/km I try to look at my pace the least amount possible. Instead I just think, "ok, lets do one more km" and if I keep thinking that way I will only have to say that to myself 21 times to finish the half marathon :)

I put in a good, steady 5k today. (it started snowing at the 2nd km, I thought it was supposed to be spring???).... My shins have been feeling a lot better, I am doing the Yoga for Runners daily and working on some shin strengthening exercises every other day. The nice thing about most shin exercises is that they can be done anywhere, at home, at work and I don't need to go to the gym for them. It was a hard day for breathing though, I read in a running book that cold weather does not effect breathing at all when running. It said that by the time the air actually reaches your lungs it is body temperature so it makes no difference. I beg to differ ;) Maybe its because of my reduced lung capacity, but when I take big gulps of that -12 air, its brutal! I am glad at times like that to live in Southern Ontario and not be running in the -23 air that home brings! I try to close my mouth and breath through my nose more in these temperatures, but I can only last for so long like that!

I spent my 5k talking to God. It's something new I am trying and seems to be working out quite well for me. As I talk about thinking about doing just a km at a time, I am also trying to apply that way of thinking to my life. Stu and I are at a point in life where we are making some pretty large decisions, and with those decisions comes a lot of questions and mountains to get through. We live a busy, wonderfully exciting life but sometimes it becomes stressful and I feel like I don't have a moment to think or process these decisions. So than I thought, ' how can I say I don't have any time to mull over these thoughts, when I spend 10k running alone?' it's PERFECT "thinking time". And I get to hash things out with God, whether it be about my shins, the lack of oxygen filling my lungs, my unsureness about my job, or discussing how running in Africa might be ;) I specifically chose my song list while I run, all songs that will bring me to a place of steadiness. both in running on the pavement and running my life with God. It makes me look forward to my runs as well, a place to let my mind work through the day, and a place to get my shins burning :)

PS- I saw this shirt at a Nike store last weekend, it took all of my self-control NOT to buy it...something in my head kept saying "you are what you wear"...... :)

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  1. Darling B,
    I am glad that you are writing again.
    I've missed you.