Saturday, 9 April 2011

A valiant effort at a 5k Pismo!

So I had been reading another runners blog about running with her dog, and I was jealous! I decided to take Pismo on my 5k today...I give myself a few days off as a "treat" after I do a race, but this time I gave myself a little toooooo much time off. I hadn't run in a full week when I laced up my shoes today. I think it's ok to take a week off running, but what i should NOT have done was also take a week off my yoga and strengthening exercises! I could totally tell a difference when I hit the pavement today. It was a good run though, my shins were a little tender but nothing too bad, until the 3rd km. That is when Pismo decided he was done, my wonderful dog did a valiant attempt at 5k but when we just passed the 3km mark, I realized I was using more of my energy to pull him along than to run! I gave in than, and walked the last 2km home with a very tired dog! I think maybe 5k was a bit too long of a run to start with for him and I think I will instead take him on my shorter runs... He is fast asleep on the windowseat as I type this :) He actually fell asleep during my end of run yoga (pic included)! He is a wonderful supporter at races, but might have to be just that instead of champion running dog! Plus he drank an entire bottle off my new FuelBelt! Which brings me to:

"New Running Accessory time with Barclee"

Woohoo! I got something new! A FuelBelt! This is a brand of belts that holds two 7 ounce water bottles on a belt you wear on around your waist during runs! In was so so excited to get it, I was tired of carrying bottles in my pockets :) My first run was with it today and it's so wonderful! It fits nicely around the waist and is made to hold the weight evenly. It has a small pouch for my cell phone and key (and mints!) so my pockets are junk free now! It also helps in races so that you can drink when you want and not have to wait for a water station. The best part by far though is how I got it! I had looked at a couple in stores and the price ranged from $45-$65. I just couldn't imagine paying so much so I looked it up on ebay and was a great success! I got a true FuelBelt for 6$ I was a little nervous when it came in the mail that it would be a fake, or just the bottles because of the price, but it was the real deal! Can't wait to try it our on a longer dog-free run this week!

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