Monday, 25 July 2011


Yesterday I ran 18km.
To me, that was the accomplishing distance. I felt that if I was able to conquer that distance, than I could conquer the half marathon. And conquer it I did, maybe not very attractive-ly, but I finished! I would like to do it a little bit faster, like about 10 minutes faster, but for my first time hitting that distance, it still makes it my best PR :)
I ate Swedish Fish as I ran, yup those little fish candies. I had read an article about eating those while running (,7120,s6-242-301--12904-1-1-2,00.html) So when I saw them in the grocery store I was surprised by the contents. 7 of those fish carry the same amount of sodium, sugar and carbs as an entire bottle of Powerade. So I tried them on this run and found they did not make me nearly as thirsty of the Sport Beans did. I was really happy with them, especially after I had to stop and have a lovely little bathroom break at the 7th km, they made me feel ok enough to keep going.
It is kinda funny reflecting on the run, but I felt like this was the first run to make me really feel like a runner, maybe it was just the distance, or all the pain I made it through, but I felt once I finished like I could actually class myself as a runner.
They say once you run your first 5k you are a runner, but I guess for me it takes more distance :)
My toe nails are still here too!
I have to do 18k every Sunday from now till the race...I re-looked at my map tonight and am once again reminded of how far the distance really is...for those from St.Joseph Island (or the Soo) reading this; I mapped it out on the Island so you could relate to the distances. 18km is from my house in Richards Landing, out past the legion, past the Cornfest Grounds, left onto HWY 548 past the dump, past the Bakery and Kents Korner, down the hill to Gawas Bay annnnnnnnnd than back! From my house to Gawas Bay is about 9km....anyone wanna join me for a run when I am home next?


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