Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Last Sunday I ran the Detroit Free Press 5k. It was a blast! It was a wonderful run amidst my tapering and I joined almost 20,000 other runners in downtown Detroit.

I brought my friend who had never run a race before, it was her first 5k, she started the couch2-5k program a few months ago and clearly it worked well for her, she beat me! My twisted little lungs cant keep up with her speedy pace :) I felt very proud of her at the end! She is a wonderful runner, runs smooth with a fast pace - and I am excited to see if I can get her into higher distances :)

It was my fastest 5k race - though not the fasted 5k I have ever done.

My Half-Marathon is in 4 days. I try not to think about it, cause it makes me feel sick :) I am excited, but nervous too...I just want to finish it.

When I first started the training I think I aimed a little high, wanting to finish in about 2:20. Now that I have put in the distances and learned to respect the distances, I am satisfied with simply being part of the 3% of humans who complete a half marathon :)

I appreciate your prayers for peace over the next few days. This has been 5 months coming and I just want it all to go well.

even if I am running crooked.

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