Saturday, 8 October 2011

I realize now that I have logged in to write a new blog post; how long it has been since I last blogged and I apologize :)

Getting back into training has been hard; hard physically and very hard mentally.

For months I trained so hard and so diligently. It was hard on my body, my social life and definitely my toe nails :) Than to be so close to the end, and have to start back in the middle due to my foot sprain, it was so frustrating.

My long runs became the most dreaded part of my week and all I wanted to do was have them over. Having said all that depressing-ness, I am starting to feel much better and am looking forward to running the Niagra Falls Half Marathon. I did my first long training run of "The Comeback" :) a few weeks ago and it went well. Jesus definitely did a great job healing my foot and it is causing me no pain whatsoever.

I did my last long training run yesterday, 20km. It went awful :) and to be honest I was quite discouraged about it yesterday; however today I feel better. It went bad for quite a few different reasons. The main issue was simply that my legs were sore, at 6km I could tell they were so tired, the rest of my body felt great but my legs felt weak and exhausted. By the time I hit 11km, my pace was very slow and I almost walked an entire km. At this point in my training though, after so many months of hard work I feel like I could care less if this Half Marathon takes me 5 hours; AS LONG AS I FINISH!! After coming so close to running the Half Marathon in Sept. than not being able to, all I want to do is finish this half, regardless of my time :)

The issue with my 20k run is something that is a consistent issue with running. Some runs just suck. And that is the gamble on race days. You never know how you might feel on race day, regardless of all your training. Your training will make you capable of completing, but the race day may come and I may trip, or get a cramp, or need to go the bathroom hahaha, or get the flu a few days before - those sorts of things could happen at anytime, and I feel now having accepted that, this run seems less stressful to me in an odd way.

I will finish - regardless of how pretty it looks, or how long it takes :)

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