Monday, 12 March 2012

Food for the sole.

The last two Sundays i have run my best paced long runs in my short running history.
I am changing around with my pacing, and what feels comfortable and trying to stick with a routine on the runs.
Both my last two long runs (12k and 14k) I maintained a pace around 7:45/km which is really good for me. Usually on my long runs I would pace about 8:20/km.

A new running store has opened in Chatham (!/getupandrun)
and I went down last week on my lunch to scope it out! I bought some new fuels to try out on my long runs, as I have always just stuck with my Swedish Fish.  And what I found I loved!

Yesterday I ate Clif Shot Bloks on my run and LOVED them! The texture was great, easy to eat and very flavorful (I had strawberry).  But the best part was that it did really seem to fill me up.  Since I am running crooked, and a little slow :) I tend to get really hungry once I hit about 10k and though the Swedish Fish carried good amounts of sugar and sodium; they didn't cut it for hunger. I would eat a few and be hungry a couple km's later. Yesterday I ate two bloks before my run and 3 on my run; they filled me up just enough so my tummy wasn't grumbling but it also wasn't upset by eating at the 9th km.

I am encouraged by my good long runs. Going into my 2nd half marathon I find there is more pressure put on by myself. For my first Half I could care less what my time was as long as I did not die halfway along the route :) But now; I want a faster time that last year.  And if that is only by a few minutes that is OK with me, all I want is to run it faster than 3:03:26.

They say that is what most people like about running, you are usually just competing with yourself. Unless you in the group of few people actually trying to win the race; most other runners out there are just trying to beat their last time. Which creates a very friendly encouraging atmosphere for all the runners!

I am going to try a different flavor next long run (Next Sunday - 16km) - I will make sure to let you know how it goes :)

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