Tuesday, 1 May 2012

4 sleeps.

4 sleeps (after tonight's) until my Half Marathon!
I cannot believe how fast this one came! It felt like the training for my first half took forever; which is sort of did as Stuart kindly reminded me this week that last season I trained for an extra month due to an injury! I assume that is what made this training time seem so quick - but either way I am excited.

On Sunday I ran the Forest City Road Race with my very best running partner. It was a wonderful run; we did 10k and it was warm and sunny and the route was beautiful! I hit a new PR for my 10k by 4 minutes, so that was encouraging as I prepare for this Half. I had been having some issues with my left quad but after a "please heal me leg and let me not die on this 10k" prayer it felt wonderful through the whole distance! Thank you Jesus!

I think I wrote before about how fun it is to be in the "back of the pack" - I mean I am sure being considered one of the "elite" athletes and winning would be fun also :) but I always find the type of runners I end up with to just be tons of fun! There is laughing, joking, encouraging, cheering as we all push to finish and beat our last times.  I think that perhaps since we are not really contending for first place; it allows a bit more of a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. My running friend Amanda said that quite often she ends up sort of running alone - with the fast people ahead of her and the slower ones behind - but this weekend we ran side by side and had a blast doing so!

I am not starting the mental list (I really should write it all down) of things I need to do before the Half.  Fun things like making sure I got good music on the iphone; or some not so fun things like clipping my toenails all pretty so I don't have bloody socks at the end.

My wonderful supportive, always at the finish line husband is turning 30 this Friday and he is spending his weekend at a Marathon with me :) I am so blessed to have a husband who is so willing to support my running and to wait around for hours (less than 3 this time!!!) for me to come waltzing across the finish line :)

I found a few good articles on what to eat (and not eat) the week leading up to a Half Marathon - I do spend extra care this week choosing my foods - last year at the Niagara Falls Half Marathon there were 5 people in line at the first porta-potty which was only 3k into the run! I remember thinking "oh boy. we have a long way to go still folks!" - so I am not one of those standing in line, I try to just stick with foods perhaps a little plainer than normal this week. So yes, that Big Mac meal will just have to wait awhile :).....




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