Monday, 20 August 2012


Yesterday I ran 11km and only stopped once - at the halfway point to have a drink of water.  It was an amazing run - I have never in my life ran 11km without stopping; the weather was very cool in the morning, I could almost say cold.
I thought briefly of wearing a jacket when I first stepped out in the 7am air but was glad I didn't when the sun came out glaring around 5k. 
I ran with my running buddy and I think that she helped me maintain a good pace....but......

It was one of my slower 11km runs - which brings me back to the pondering of the 10:1 running ratio.

Quite often beginner runners are encouraged to try running 10 minutes and walking  - the last time I ran my 10k race I took regular walk breaks and ran the best 10k yet! So even though yesterday I ran the whole distance without taking a break, I was a little slower than if I do take walking breaks!

Next weekend I am due for 12km so I am going to try 10:1 and see what type of time difference it makes - when I first started running my trainer Joanne said that the first full marathon she ran a woman was running a similar pace to her but was taking breaks every 10 minutes, Jo said she was so frustrated to see this woman taking walking breaks and still keeping up with Jo who was running the entire time!

I found an interesting article about it here -  Better Running Through Walking.

Either way it was encouraging to have such a strong run yesterday, it felt good to have a strong run after lacking with the motivation recently.  As we start to head into fall a little more I am eager to keep increasing the strength and speed of my runs - whether it is non stop of 10:1

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