Saturday, 20 July 2013


"When you have already run 21.2km - what is another 3.9k?"
That is the line I tried to use on Stuart to get him to register for my RBC Run for Kids team.  I am not sure how successful I was, he said he would "think about it" :)
I have registered to run my furthest distance yet, and although it is only an increase of 3.9km I think its a big stepping stone.  I think any runner that has completed long distances thinks about running a full marathon.  I have ran 4 half marathon's now and occasionally I get this idea that I could run a Full.  I tell myself; "oh if you have ran 4 Half's you can for sure run a Full now Ms. crooked spine"  I imagine the feeling of completing the 42.2km race and I get this little urge inside that says I can do it.
But all that it takes to squash that dream of a full marathon is.....a half marathon :) Literally the moment I finish that 21.1km distance I think to myself, I could NEVER double that distance.  It took too much of me just to finish the Half, that a Full is just out of the question.
So this 25km race I have registered to run in September is a test for me, a little push of endurance to see if I can waddle for 3.9km further than a Half Marathon distance.  It is a new goal, a new challenge and a new commitment to keep me from wasting my summer away in the hammock with a tub of ice cream.
The "team" I am on is called The Royal Highness's and so far we exist of only 6 but we are attempting to recruit more always! (Hey YOU reading this, wanna run 25k???) 
4 of us laced up this morning and headed out on our first Saturday "long" run:
I chuckle a little when I say long run because it was a 5k.  But in order for us to reach our training goal we will be increasing these Saturday distances pretty quickly!  I had been trying to complete the 5k A Day in June challenge but it ended after 24 days of 5k's due to an achilles injury - it felt great to get back out on the road this morning even in 100% humidity.
This RBC Run for the Kids race is a fundraiser for families dealing with mental health issues and I am required to get sponsors - if you don't want to join me and run for hours, please consider sponsoring my efforts - all I ask is for people to sponsor me 1$ for each km I will run! You can sponsor me HERE
So here goes, because like I said - what's 3.9km more?.....right?.... 
Today's song to run to: Awake My Soul (Chris Tomlin feat. Lecrae)

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  1. You can run another 3.9km... you can run all 42.2 km - you are made of iron and steel.
    Joanne M