Monday, 7 September 2015


31 was a hard year.

While I was 31 I raised a small boy from 5 months to 17 months, I survived nursing, I survived teething and introducing solids, I survived insomnia, and infant x-rays, I survived my first 5k, 10k and Half-Marathon since becoming a mom - (and let me emphasis that for the Half, it really was just surviving, crossing the finish line with a shoe full of blood in my slowest time yet; but still crossing that finish line upright!)

While I was 31 I took 11 flights, stayed in dozens of hotels, I heard my son giggle, say "mama" and I saw him take his first steps, go head first down his first slide at the park and try to eat yogurt with his own spoon.  I hugged my brother, his wonderful wife and my nieces for the first time in two years, I cut my hair, regretted it and grew my hair.  I became a working mother, I lost and gained friends, I celebrated 11 years of marriage and I broke my baby toe.

It was a really wonderful year, but also a really, really hard year and tomorrow is my last day of being 31 - so to celebrate this new year, another new start, His new mercies -  comes a new list of "things to do".

So here is to a new year, with new challenges, new surprises, new experiences and new blog posts (actually about running I promise)...

32 things to do while I am 32
1.       Eat Thai food at an authentic Thai restaurant
2.       Make homemade dill pickles
3.        Do a Zumba class
4.        Read a book a month   
5.        Take my vitamins every day
6.        Watch the entire “Lost” series
7.        Learn to change a car tire
8.        Attend a concert
9.        Read Revelations
10.    Visit a new country
11.    Write an article that gets published
12.    Eat a French macaroon
13.    Visit Parliament
14.    Get my legs waxed
15.    Shoot a handgun
16.    Don’t read any celebrity gossip for the entire year
17.    Catch a large mouth bass
18.    Run/Walk 32km a month
19.    Send snail mail to a friend every month
20.    Volunteer
21.    Go to a MLB game
22.    Eat dinner at a restaurant alone
23.    Swim in all 5 of the Great Lakes
24.    Complete the “1000 gifts app”
25.    Blog every month
26.    It’s a surprise!!!
27.    Cook great tasting ribs
28.    Plant a tree
29.   Fly first class
30.    Watch “Legends of the Fall”
31.   Find a good lipstick color
32.   Visit Joanne

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