Wednesday, 27 April 2011

enjoying lazy.

I haven't quit running (though some days i feel like it hahaha), or blogging about running with a crooked spine :)
But I have been enjoying a few lazy weeks. I have only run about twice a week for the last two weeks, and have been attending BootCamp on Monday's...and the reason for my laziness?
The ridiculous 18 week training program I start on Sunday...Yuppers, May 1st is 18 weeks until my half marathon. I am beginning a training program through the Running Room and I have selfishly allowed myself a few lazy evenings in preparation :) I know its pretty much just an excuse, and on the few small runs I have done, I find myself missing the "want" to run....but than I just take a look at my calendar for the next few months and think....I wont be missing running soon that's for sure!

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