Tuesday, 19 April 2011

running in the rain.

it might be hard to tell in this picture, under all the layers, and the adorable dog, but i am soaking wet.

soaked to the bone. after a wet and windy 5k, complete with thunder and all! Our Southern Ontario weather has been crazy recently and I headed out today for my run knowing it might just pour, and pour it did. But that wasn't stopping me, I pushed through and actually felt more proud of myself at the end. For two reasons, first because I didn't call Stuart and make him come get me at the 3rd soaking km. And secondly, because last night I did my first ever boot camp. It was awful, in a wonderful way! My wonderful hubby went with me and we ventured to a nearby town for a one hour boot camp led by a friend of ours. A friend of ours of course than runs half marathons in a fraction of the time I hope too :) There was lots of yelling at us to get lower with our squats, and hold our planks longer, and as much as even getting in and out of my car hurt today, I can't wait till next week! I am not sure if I will be hubby-less or not though, he didn't quite enjoy it as much as I did :0

I didn't plan on running today, actually as I crawled out of bed this morning I didn't plan on doing any physical activity till next week's class due to my pain, but when I text my bootcamp instructor today, she said I had to run. If I didn't it would actually make the pain worse, and even if it was a crappy run tonight, I had to push through. And push through I did, through the rain at least ;)

Surprisingly enough I ran my fastest kilometer I ever have tonight, running it at 7:34. Which I was quite happy about, and I ran it without stopping, so even though I typically run 5 minutes, walk 30 seconds (my crooked spine variation of the popular run 10 walk 1 marathon pace) the thought of moving up that 5 minutes seemed more feasible.

Now, I go to sleep. with a snoring puppy and snoring husband, my legs are cheering as I lay them down in bed cheering....but I am DEFINITELY taking tomorrow off ;)

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