Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the fight.

Tonight I stared at my running shoes. and in my mind, I hated them :) and I didn't want to run, and I was so sore from my training, and I felt discouraged that I was so sore and only in the 2nd week. So my mind and my shoes fought.

And the shoes won :)

So I tied up my shoes (loosely which helps shin splints fyi) and headed out for a nice short run. Its my third run of the week and I did a longer run yesterday and it was awful. Hahaha, I mean, it really wasn't that bad but to me it felt awful. I had really pushed myself on Monday's bootcamp and was definitely feeling the ramifications of it yesterday. Walking hurt, sitting hurt, putting my hair in a ponytail hurt :) but I went for the run anyway, because I AM A FINISHER. So with only about a km left a police car drives by, and I try my best to smile and give a wave, because it was such an awful run, I was legitimately concerned the police officer might think I had just been attacked and was trying to flee my assailant!! I limped and swayed and staggered my way through 4k last night which is what I think brought on the fight between my mind and my shoes today.

But today turned out great, because I set THREE NEW PERSONAL RECORDS!!! (PR's)

I was so excited, I said "Thank You Jesus" out loud multiple times, much to the surprise of all the people doing lawn work that I passed.

New PR#1 - Longest time running without stopping - 11:31
Oh yeah! When I first started running Joanne told me I should try to work up to running ten minutes, walking one, and I laughed thinking that will NEVER happen...well tonight I did even better!

New PR#2 - Fastest 3k - 23:36
I ran for 23:36 and only walked 45 seconds!!!!

New PR # 3 - Fastest average pace - 7:50/km
Every real, timed run I have ever done has been AT LEAST 8:10/km but tonight I got under the 8 min. mark!

I am very happy with my run tonight, an additional reason for my added pride, is that just past the halfway mark, the music on my ipod stopped! I NEED tunes when I run and when the music cut out I considered calling it a night, but I finished anyway. Let me tell you though, the sound of a girl running with a crooked spine pushing on her lungs is not pretty ;) I would compare it to the sound I imagine a hippo making if it tried to fit into a SmartCar :)

I am hoping this is just the beginning, though as I sit in bed typing this, my cat slowly walked across my shins and curled up for a snooze, I turned to Stuart and said "The cat just walked across my legs.....and it hurt" Hahaha, I may be sore, but I finished!!!

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