Friday, 20 May 2011


Yesterday I ran hills.
It had been so long since I ran hills, not since my 8k in April actually. They were brutal and wonderful. I read an article in a running magazine about doing a marathon full of hills, and the girl running would say OUTLOUD at the bottom of each hill before she started the climb "I love hills" and I smiled at that article and thought, I am going to try that :)
It's hard to find a good hill training spot in Chatham so I am taking full advantage of it now.

My running has been frustrating this last week. A few times bringing on tears and thoughts of dropping such a challenging dream. All because of two little knubs holding up my legs, yup my knees. My knees have been really bothering me, so much so that sometimes after I run I am spending the next few hours laying on a couch with bags of frozen peas :) It is not the distance that is bothering them, it is the consistency of my running. I am not running really long distances with my training yet, but I am running 5 days a week and that is what is causing the irritation in my knees. I always ran further distances than what I am doing right now, but I ALWAYS had at least one day between runs. So there is a chance I will need to swallow my pride and tweak my training schedule.

I talked to my chiropractor about it last week and I go back this week. It's not good is what he said, but he said I don't need to stop the training because he knows I won't even if he asks me too :) I greatly respect my chiropractor's opinions and I am bringing in my shoes Tuesday to have them examined by him. He said the type I am using is really good, but because I am running crooked, I may need to be replacing my shoes much more frequently! YAY! NEW SHOES! He said his wife has similar scoliosis to me and she is a runner that needs to change her shoes every 3 months! Running with a crooked spine causes us to wear out our shoes differently and sometimes quicker than other runners. I definitely won't argue with having to get new shoes! :)

Until than I continue running crooked.......up hills :)

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