Wednesday, 25 May 2011

learning to rest.

Today I am learning to rest. I am learning to be ok with the fact that I am not going to run today. When I first started all this running stuff, I told Stu that I never wanted to be that person so obsessed with running that it was no longer fun. So today, though the rest is mandated, I will rest and not care that I am missing a run.
And yes, this is not optional :) My training has me running Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. My Chiropractor however wants me to cut out Wednesday running for a few weeks. All because of those little stubs called knees. I saw my Chiro again on Tuesday and he said that my shoes are still in great shape (a little let down cause what runner doesn't always want new shoes??? hahaha) but that I need to give a little more rest for my knees. Like I think I have said before, it is not the distances or the road that are making my knees hurt, but the consistency of my runs. I never before have ran days in a row, and now I am running 2 or 3 days in row, twice a week. So for the next few weeks I will rest on Wednesdays. sigh. Learning to rest is hard, its hard not to feel the guilty stare my shoes are giving me.

But I remind myself of my promise that this remain fun. That I still laugh at huge hills, or when my run is more of a plod. That I smile at the end of the run and during my 3km shin splints. I am doing this to finish, I am doing this to prove a crooked spine can run marathons. I am doing this for fun :) A good runner friend ;) emailed me and asked about my calorie intake and weight loss through this training. I was more than happy to respond that I have not weighed myself in 3 years and don't plan on starting now! Haha! I believe it is very very important to live a healthy lifestyle, and the healthy aspect of mine has definitely increased since the training. However I (like every other teenage girl) spent way to much time in high school letting a scale dictate what I ate that day. I won't go back there again.

So do I watch what I eat now, more wholesome and less junk? Yuppers.

Do I eat more veggies now? Sure do.

Do I do something active everyday? Yes sir.

But do I also enjoy some 7-11 candies on a date night? You better believe it!

I have changed the way I run, eat and live for this training, but I will not become so obsessed with it, that I cannot have a day of rest, or a scoop of ice cream in the summer.

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  1. Hey Barclee how is it going? Trust me rest is good. I still can not run right now because I resprained my ankle that I believed to be fully healed from when I took a fall in March. When I took up running I blew the ankle out again. I was loving the run and sure do miss it. When I asked your calorie intake it's because I wondered if you increased your calories for running. I too love ice cream and chips and tend to indulge as a treat as I please. While running I would wake up and eat my usual porridge, orange and a glass of milk. Roughly an hour to an hour and a half before my run. But on the last two days before I wrecked my ankle when I returned home I would just feel weak and then I would eventually get sick. Even if I ate my two pieces of peanut butter toast after the run. Now I can't run but I was doing some reading online and I guess maybe I should have been eating a little lighter before running and staying away from the dairy? Perhaps a banana before I ran? I hope your run goes well today. I think you will find it will I always did much better after a day of rest, like a horse waiting to break free...good luck and keep up the great work! Congrats on breaking your PR's! From your good runnin friend;)