Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Respecting the distance.

I think I am going to lose a toenail. And it turns out this is quite a common ordeal for a runner (ugh). My chiropractor actually said he doesn't treat many runners that actually have all their toenails! Yeesh! I don't remember this being part of the training deal :) From what I have read it is from the constant pounding on the pavement, that causes bruising under the nail and than it eventually falls off. Yummy eh? I was told to "enjoy the pain" because I have earned it ;)

Sunday I did 12k, it was the longest I have ever run and maybe because that stayed in the back of my mind; but it felt very long. I am beginning to respect the distance. It is way easier to say "I am gonna run a half marathon" than to really prepare your body for that distance. And when I was on my 11th km yesterday (taking a very looooong walking break) I just couldn't get over how far these distances usually are. My body is really struggling with the training, I mean, I am doing OK and completing all my runs, but I am sore, tired a lot, spending more and more time at the Chiro and Massage Therapist (Mmhmm) but I knew this part of it would be coming. I think so far the toenail thing has been the worst hahaha! Though I am developing a w onderful love for ice :) Next Sunday I move up to 14km for my long runs and stay there for a couple weeks before bumping it up to 16km. I run four days a week, three of them smaller distances (4-8km) and only one looooooong run a week. I am still only focusing on the next distance, and not thinking about the entire half marathon. I am registered for 4 upcoming races, a 10k in July (St.Clair River Run - Sombra, Ont.), 15k in August (A Mid Summer's night run - Toronto, Ont.), my half marathon in Sept. (Springbank Half Marathon - London, Ont) and I am now registered to run Detroit Free Press 5k with a wonderful friend of mine who has just started running. She will remain nameless for now; as the thought of 5k makes her stress, but I know she will rock it and I am stoked to be involved in the Detroit run!

The fun news of the post is that this upcoming Saturday is "New Shoes Day!!!" Wooooo I am stoked! My hubby and I are heading to Windsor to search out a new pair of shoes! Yay! I love new shoes, and these will most likely be my half marathon pair! I am sure I will post pics of them, probably a bunch!

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