Monday, 20 June 2011


Tonight I feel better, and to those of you who read my "it's not a pretty morning" post and were concerned, I am still alive and even went to bootcamp tonight :)

My spine is crooked, it curves a pretty 30 degrees. It has and will affect my running in everyway. It affects my feet, my ankles, my shins, oh goodness my knees, my hips, of course my back and what I struggle with the most - my breathing. I may not be the most graceful runner, I definately am not the fastest runner, but I am still a runner. And unless God choses to heal my spine; I will continue to be a crooked runner. I might get sore knees, and land on my feet crooked, and I might huff and puff more than the average; I might need to rest more and need to walk more, but that hasn't stopped me from checking off every day of my running training. I have a wonderfully supportive family (hi mom), a wonderfully encouraging bootcamp trainer (thanks Jo) and a wonderfully wonderful husband, who texts me halfway through my runs to tell me I am doing great.

I may be running crooked, and I may struggle to finish this half marathon. but I will finish it.

"Dead last finish is better than did not finish and greater than did not start"

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