Thursday, 30 June 2011

running angry :)

Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to running angry, hahaha, cause that's what I did tonight and I kicked butt at it :)
I was tired, this week was long (even though it was a short work week), I didn't feel the best (fighting a cold) and all I really wanted to do was nap until tomorrow. When I was starting to get ready for my run, I was legit mad at it, I didn't want to run, I hated my shoes, hated my cute running skirt and did not want to plug in the ipod. So when I actually hit the pavement, I was so angry at running that I did awesome, trying to finish quick to get back home! Hahaha I actually laughed halfway through at how starting out so angry made me run so much faster! I did my fastest km (7:05) and my fastest 5k, I ran 6k all together and my speed was so good it was equivalent to me shaving approximately a full km off my run! I was happy, and no longer angry :)
I will be spending my Canada Day relaxing, starting to prepare for my 14k Sunday morning...which brings me to an interesting link I wanted to share with you. The article is about a group that specializes in handling the mental challenges runners face, they even bike alongside runners in marathons to help out those having a tough time, quite an interesting read, enjoy! :)

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