Sunday, 3 July 2011

3.27 KM

It was at 3.27 km that I sat down on the curb and started crying. And no, I am not ashamed to say it, I called my wonderful hubby and cried my face off for a good 5 minutes. I was at the very beginning of a 14km run, the longest distance I had ever done and I was tired. My knees hurt and my legs felt like rubber tubes full of lead. I was already running at a much slower pace than normal and I felt so tired. I knew Stu would pick up because A)he is wonderful like that B) he was at work so I knew if he saw me calling when I should be running, he would know something was up. So he answered and I started crying saying "It's too far, I am too tired, I cannot do it" And he was wonderful as always - which leads me to a little side note that for those younger girls reading this who have yet to marry a wonderful man, please please wait and make sure your man is wonderful before you marry him, wait until a wonderful amazing man that will talk to you on the phone while you cry; sweeps you off your feet...I know too many girls settling for a less than wonderful man, and I hate it - Ok, back to my story :) My WONDERFUL husband listened on the phone and helped me work through some of the reasons why this run isn't going very well. He reminded me first off that I can do it, because I did 12km last week and this is just 2km more, so he told me not to allow myself to think I CANNOT do it, instead listen to your body for reasons you may not be able to do it today. He reminded me of this dreaded cold I have been fighting, of the short sleep I got last night and of the stupid hot weather that has been happening. I cried while he talked, he listened to my fears that I will feel this way on the day of my half-marathon, he reassure me I wont and he listened to my say how stupid I felt for even attempting this. He volunteered to try to run it again this evening with me if I wanted to wait till it was cooler, and he said to run it strong home and than relax. I thanked him for his UNCONDITIONAL support even at 3.27km and I told him I would text him when I was almost home....and that I did.

At the 7th km I text him that I was halfway and heading home :) Though I was slow going, I am a finisher and even if I am gonna spend way more time than normal walking, I am still going to finish it! It was a long run, I stopped for a couple minutes at the halfway mark, ate a couple slices of apple (I am experimenting with what to eat during the run) had a quick bathroom break (thanks Mr.Farmer for the brief use of your field lol) and headed back. My ipod sensor stopped somewhere along the way and so did my watch, but I think I was only about 5-10minutes past the original time I wanted to do it in. So I am happy, it was very, very hot and I thoroughly enjoyed a cold bath when I got home.

I will enjoy the rest of the day, and the heat not thinking about the fact that I have to do this again in next Sunday :)

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