Thursday, 9 June 2011

let hope rise, and darkness tremble.

Yesterday I ran the fastest km I ever have. 7:07 it took me. If only I could do that for 21 km's I would do this half marathon in a pretty decent time :)
I have really been having to work hard at the mental part of all this running. A wise runner ;) once said to me:

"You are in a very elite group of athletes. Stay strong emotionally and be aware physically of what your body is telling you. Your a rockstar :)"

I am only now (about 7 weeks into training) beginning to realize how true it is about the emotional and mental parts of running. There are days when I think "Ugh, 21km is impossible, I could never!" and that puts my whole body into a funk. It causes long painful runs and frustrating feelings throughout the whole thing. I really have to work on encouraging thoughts even on the days when it is really hot out and I am tired from work. Other days I feel really strong and good emotionally and mentally and those days I try to really push myself so that I get encouraged. Tonight for example; my wonderful hubby and I went out for dinner which we haven't done in soooo long, and I may have eaten too much :) so when I returned home the last thing on my mind was the 4km I had to do....but I pressed through, and stepped out into the cool brisk air and started my run. It felt good, the cool weather felt good (its been like 100 degrees for dayyyyys) and I pushed myself. I was running with new insoles in my shoes, and it felt a little awkward but I ran steady. I tried to not think about the new insoles, or the clumsy steps I felt they caused, but instead focused on the pulse of the running, and the cool air, and the wonderful new music on my ipod. And I kicked butt tonight. Ran my fasted 4km yet, AND even got to a pace of 5:48/km in my last sprint. It was good. I felt good, and I try to bundle that up and keep it so I can remember that feeling on the harder this Sunday when I get up at 6am to get in 10km before church :0

I wanted to share my newest favorite running song; "With Everything" by Hillsong:

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