Sunday, 19 June 2011


I ran my best 10k today.
Which was surprising cause it felt like my worst! haha!
And that is what brings me to the subject of todays blog.
Watching my pace.
I think todays run felt like the worst because I did not pace myself very well.
I ran a good hard and fast 5k, which than resulted in me being exhausted by the 6th km.
I think as I begin to run longer and longer on my long runs I will learn to handle this better.
To pace myself out better so I am not as exhausted halfway be ok with going a slower and steady pace, knowing I will be able to keep it up.
But it was encouraging to hit my best 10k time, even when I thought it would be my worst.
I am trying hard not to think about the distance of the half marathon :)
When I finished my 10k this morning and thought I would have to do that all over again, I wanted to cry :)
So instead all I think about is the fact that I can now run 5k without stopping, and I only focus on my next long distance run.
Next Sunday I bump up my mileage to 12km....And that is all I am going to worry about for now :)

A friend of mine is doing TWO half-ironman's this summer...her endurance blows my mind. Here is a video of a famous ironman ending....and to remind myself not to complain about 10k :)

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