Friday, 8 July 2011

Make your run beautiful.

This post wont be too long, its hard to type when I spend all my free time staring at my new shoes! Hahaha kidding! I am doing 16km on Sunday, and I am sure I will have lots to write after that, providing I survive.
I did 5k in my new shoes today, it went ok. It definitely wasn't my best time but it was not my worst either. I was about 2-3 minutes slower than I wanted but I found myself to be a little clumsy at the start. I am sure it was just because of my new shoes, though they felt very comfortable and though they are the same version that I ran in before, the "newness" was definitely there and they need a little loosening up!
Tonight's run did make me feel a little anxious about the half marathon though. I feel like with the time I am running now I want to be a little faster for the actual race. I know my goal is simply to cross that finish line vertically, but I hope to be able to keep up a decent run throughout it. I have been doing the 10:1's on my really long runs, running 10 minutes than walking 1, but even than by the 12th km I am rarely getting a full 10 minutes of running in. I guess that is what training is for :)
My wonderful encouraging trainer text me tonight and said to enjoy the run because 16k is a beautiful run. I almost laughed out loud as I pictured myself huffing and puffing and sweating Sunday morning (it's supposed to be 36 degrees). But she text again and said "Make it beautiful"
It was a wonderful reminder that I cannot allow myself to get so caught up in the splits and times and paces that I stop enjoying this. I started running because it made me feel good, and I liked being able to brag about the distances I completed. It is a challenge because of my back and that makes me want to pursue it even more. I may never win a race, and I just may come in dead last at my half marathon, but I will enjoy the pain and the process to get there. I will find my training to be beautiful :)

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