Monday, 18 July 2011

St.Clair River Run 10k.

I ran the St.Clair River Run 10k this weekend. It was a great run, I beat my personal record by 30 seconds :) and I felt decent about it, even though it was so so so hot! This is where the running crooked part becomes a real struggle. The humidity was at 80% and it was 30 degrees! Which for someone with restricted lungs, makes it very very hard to breath! My legs felt pretty strong and I felt good with the run but it was very hard to breath. I had to walk much more than I had wanted but it was simply because I had to catch my breath!

My wonderful husband and dog (aka my cheering team!) came and waited patiently for me to finish! My trainer Joanne was also there and waiting to run me in to the finish! About 35 people from the bootcamp she teaches were there, all with our bootcamp shirts quoting Philippians 4:13 on the back! I knew she would be waiting for me towards the finish and I was thrilled to have her pushing me in to get in at a good time, see photo below :

Overall it was good, I had been really discouraged the week before, I go through these stages where I think this running idea is stupid and I am not strong enough or fast enough to really be a runner. I am constantly reminded during that time that my races are against ME, not the first place runner (who btw did 10k in 30 minutes hahaha). It is about me, and my crooked spine, completing a half marathon I have spend 18 weeks training for. And complete it I will!! :)

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