Monday, 15 August 2011

everyone loves a little spandex.

Now, after my refreshing restful weekend, I was back on the road today, doing a nice 6.37k in preparation for my 15k event this weekend. At the St.Clair River Run I was standing with a nice lady waiting to line up at the start line, I casually asked her if this was her first 10k race...she laughed a little and said, "I am not racing anyone here, this won't be a race for me, I prefer to call them 'events'". I smiled and agreed on the fact that I wasn't racing anyone but myself here. So I have my 15k "event" this Saturday and I am actually quite excited about it. I am excited because its a big race...I have found the bigger the run, the more runners there are and with more runners means more average/slower runners like me :)

Whenever I partake in runs with smaller amounts of runners I find they are usually all pretty good and I am usually bringing up the rear! In great big groups I would assume, because it's how I feel, that the more average runner is more comfortable, knowing they will not be the only one running a 8min/km pace :)

So tonight I ran in tights!!!!

I bought a pair of Nike Pro Combat Running tights this weekend and though I was a wee bit skeptical of the neighbourhood having to see me bounding by in spandex, they are great!

Very comfortable, very cool and easy to move in. The waist band is a thick elastic which I found a little different at the beginning but I love how it doesnt feel tight while I run.

I had been running in a skort, so tight shorts with a loose skirt over top but I found the shorts would ride and let me tell you, when I am at 17km and those shorts start to ride it drives me insane! Plus, the weather is getting cooler in the evenings (Thank You Jesus) so I thought it would be wiser to get a longer pair of pants.

I have two more shorter runs this week, bootcamp and than off to Toronto Saturday morning for my 15k. I can't help but be surprised and greatful when I really think about the distances I am doing. I ran my first sporting event of ANY kind in my life, a year ago, August 27 2010. At that time I did the half-triathalon and had to run only 2km.....I barely ran any of it, walking and jogging most of it...and to think one year later I will be doing a 15km than a half marathon?!?!?! I serve a good God, who is the most wonderful trainer of them all :)

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