Friday, 5 August 2011

My new life as a Garmin Runner.

I have become a Garmin runner. My wonderful husband ordered me a Garmin Forerunner 110 for my birthday (see previous post) and I have now completed two runs with it. The first one was a bit of a learning curve but tonight I did 8k and was super excited to plug that watch in after my run. I plug it into the computer and voila:

A wonderful page of information came up! Stu said it actually freaked him out how accurate all the information was. It prints off a map of where I ran; shows a chart (see above) of when my pace slowed (aka when i walked or drank) and on the left shows my average pace each km of my run. Though 8k is a decent distance, I am really excited to try it out on my 18k this weekend, so I can see how my pace changes throughout that distance. It is also really nice to have only the watch to wear.

I had been wearing the ipod touch on my arm, but found it a little big and bulky on the really long runs. It got quite hot in its carrying case and I notice a difference already without that weight on my arm. I have switched to wearing just a little mp3 player that clips onto my shirt for my music, and the watch is the only weight now.

I am a happy runner today :) Though bootcamp kicked my butt this week, and my legs were really slow and sore for the beginning of my run. I have a relaxing day tomorrow, including my full body massage and than up bright and early Sunday morning for my 18k.

I have been having a hard time the last couple weeks with sticking to my training only because of how busy summer life has become. I try not to stress when I miss a run or two because of either family or friend events. I make sure I can always get my long run in; and that makes me feel like I am more ready for the half-marathon. I want to train hard, and work hard, however I don't want the training to so take over my life that it limits me from still living and enjoying my life.

Next weekend is my anniversary :) so I won't be doing my normal 18k, and than the next weekend I have a 15k run in Toronto ( I am excited however a little nervous because it is an evening run, and I have never done that long of a distance in the evening. It is hard to run that long after a full day of normal activities and eating. Hopefully there will be port-a-potty's :)

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