Sunday, 28 August 2011

tragedy in the lawn.

Yesterday, I ran 2okm.
It is really a long run. hahaha, I mean obviously, but it felt really long. My training program has been great and really makes me feel like these distances are more approachable. It works you up to these distance so slowly, it didn't seem as bad as I thought.
I ran out of water (benefits of running actual races are the regular water stations) and a lovely couple filled my water bottles for me.
I did the 20k in 2:55. I was happy with it, I would like to get the half marathon in under 3 hrs, but since I have not run the full distance yet (Thanks Jo for the tip) I will be setting a new record that day regardless of how fast (or slow) I do it.
Now that I am logging such long distances, I am even more thinking my goal is simply to finish the half marathon. Nevermind a certain time goal.

But let's get back to the subject of this post; the tragedy in the lawn.
Yesterday I got up at 5am, ran at 7am.
Got home about 10am, had a cold bath, made a protein shake, relaxed, did a load of laundry and headed out to my massage, after that I did more laundry and I went outside to hang my sheets on the line.
And that is when it happened.

I stepped on something. in the lawn

I am not sure what; I think the end of my garden hose, but it hit right on the arc of my foot and caused it to roll. I did not roll right onto my ankle but my foot rolled and I believe I have pulled a muscle on the bottom of my foot.
Now that area is tender alreday for runners:

(The plantar fascia is the thick connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot. It runs from the tuberosity of the calcaneus forward to the heads of the metatarsal bones. It is the source of the painful condition plantar fasciitis. The plantar aponeurosis is the central part of the plantar fascia.- wikipedia)

Now seeing as my feet are already landing crooked because of my back, they have given me some pain over the last few months, but nothing like this. Yesterday it just felt a little tender, on the underside of my foot on the arc, but today I could barely walk. And of course, since running has turned me into some sort of emotional being, I started crying. Half because it hurt so bad, half because I can't believe something like this is happening two weeks before my half marathon.

I spent today praying, resting, icing and stretching. It feels better than it did this afternoon, but still quite tender. I am praying for healing for it, and that I don't let my frustration get the better of me. And I should be praying for my chiropractor too, since I just may be standing outside his office at 7am tomorrow :)

I will keep you posted on the pain.

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