Monday, 19 September 2011

long run.

Last weekend I did my first long run since I sprained my foot. It felt good and awful :) It felt very long, even though it was only 14km. Hahaha I still laugh when I use the word "only" before 14km :) -- shows how far I have come!
It is nice that it is so much cooler out now, I ran in a long sleeve shirt for the first 7k before the sun fully came out and I tied it around my waist for the last half! I could see my breath till the 5th km!! It is definately nicer to train in that rather than 100 degree weather!
I was eager to get back into the long runs, though my body may have felt otherwise! I am surprised at how quickly during the two weeks off my body adjusted to NOT running.
It will be a process to get it back into training and long distance running mode that is for sure, but one that will be worth it.
I am approx. 5 weeks from the Niagra Falls Half Marathon.
And I am going to run it, even if I break my legs 9 days before :)

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