Monday, 19 September 2011

it's time for.....

"Running Accessory Time with Barclee"

Yay! I know your so excited! Finally, after much waiting I got my RoadID in the mail today! I ordered it a few weeks ago and it took awhile to get here, but you know me and my obessession with running accessories :) - well worth the wait!

So here it is, I got the anklet ID:

The whole idea came from my 15k race in Toronto. I mean, I had seen RoadID ad's all over the place but never really paid much attention. At the Midsummers Night Run when we picked up our bibs they advised us to right our medical history as well as emergency contact info on the back of our bib. I had never been asked for that before, and much to the surprise of my fellow running friends; I never carried ID during my training runs either. I guess I never really thought of the importance, but as we were waiting for the start of the race my friend Terry said "Well, who would they contact if you collapsed, or fell?" And that is when I figured I probably should carry some ID to at least have emergency contact info. So I looked up the RoadID again and was surprised at how cheap it was! As you can see, I chose the anklet bracelet (simply because I don't like anything but my Garmin to be on my wrist while I run) and I chose to have the company engrave it. They put your name, the year you were born, two emergency contact numbers (Yes, I blurred those numbers out - c'mon this IS the internet, I don't want everyone knowing my hubby and father's cell numbers!!) and whether or not you have a medical history. It has a reflector built in and is EXTREMELY comfortable. I am sold. The price was the best part, it was only about $21 US dollars! It is all about safety running friends! If any of you are interested in purchasing one too, let me know because they sent me $1 off coupons with the bracelet and I would be more than willing to hand them out!

Safe running!

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