Saturday, 31 December 2011

Here we go again...

Happy New Years Friends!

Its about 9am New Years Eve, I sit with a juice and a cold, sniffling and coughing, trying to clear my throat and head enough to start getting ready for my 5k Resolution Run tonight. I am thrilled to be running it with friends, including my wonderful hubby and my brother-in-law JP!

It is raining just a little, but very mild and I am listening to my "Half-Marathon" playlist on itunes...why, you might ask? :) To begin getting myself ready to tackle my New Year Resolutions...

Contrary to most, I love resolutions - it is a great way to challenge yourself, and as long as you are not toooooo hard on yourself if you fail them, it can be a wonderful way to make some good changes in your life...

I am making three this year - #1 is to read through the entire Bible with Stuart (though we are Bible College grads, we still feel we lack a lot of knowledge regarding the Bible and know this resolution will be a good thing in our lives)....#2 is to give up celebrity gossip for 2012 (I am a huge sucker for perezhilton and those magazines by the grocery story checkout - and I have been convicted about what a huge waste of time it is, and how bizarre it is to be interested in seeing photos of celebrity baby bumps taken without permission)....

and my 3rd Resolution is:

to run TWO Half Marathons this running season!!!!

I have already registered for my first - The Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon in May. I chose this one for a few reasons:

1. I hope to also run the Detroit Half Marathon in Oct, so with this run being in the spring, I won't have as many long training runs in the middle of summer

2. This run has a Psyching Team - I blogged about them awhile ago, it is a team of sports psychologists that bike along the route to encourage runners who seem to be struggling - I thought that seemed like a really cool idea and want to see it in action!

3. This run has a realistic pace bunny for me :) A pace bunny is a runner who will run the same pace throughout the race aiming to end at a certain time, so if you want to finish at the time he/she is than you run with them! A lot of the runs I have been in had pacers that were way too fast for me so I would get discouraged I could not keep up! This race has a pacer to finish the half marathon in 2hrs 45 minutes - which would be a HUGE difference from my first half marathon (3hrs 3min) but one I am willing to challenge! I figure if I cannot keep up with them the entire time, as long as I do for as long as possible, I am set for a new personal half marathon record!

So if you would like to join me again on this journey, I will be blogging through it again. It will be a little different, more focus on different exercises, things i am eating, things I am changing to make the run better - I would love for you to come along with me :)


  1. Awesome goals. Wish you all the best.
    My resolution is to finally run 5k, I can do the 30 minutes (woohoo) but my pace is too slow :(

    I'm planning the Warrior Dash in Barrie in July (not registered yet). The Trot with the Troops in September. And contemplating walking the Detroit Marathon.

    God Bless.

  2. You're Crazy!
    I'm so impressed - but won't your toes hurt from kicking all that ass?