Saturday, 4 February 2012


I commited when I first started running to listen to Christian music for all my running. That lasted wonderfully for my first real running season - I found specific songs for specific portions of my long runs, and learned what music best fits my running needs. I started my half marathon with "In Christ Alone" and finished with "Hosanna (Be Lifted High). I plan to start and finish with those songs for all my runs this year.
In saying that, I have been looking for some new tunes - something fun, fast and GOOD. Being a die hard rap fan I have found the Christian rap world to be rather disappointing until.......TONIGHT!!!!

Than I come across King Kulture:

This album of ridiculously GOOD Christian rappers, some I have known of and some new to me! It was a wonderful surprise on my first actual day of training! And to top off the wonderfulness of this album the proceeds go to the CONGO! Oh I am one satisfied runner tonight....can't say I will be when the alarm goes off at 7am for a morning run tomorrow :)

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