Wednesday, 15 February 2012

And than I got sick....

Just a week into my training and it hit me. like a truck.
I had a wonderfully sleep, went to church, went to the gym, went to a birthday party and than it hit me. like a truck.
The next 24 hours were a blur of porcelain, gravol and ginger ale from a brutal case of presumable food poisoning.

It took a toll on my body that's for sure, and it brought a deep level of discouragement with it.  One that I knew would go away eventually but at the time the impossible seems so far away. I was discouraged to be missing so many runs so early in my training (also discouraged I was unable to leave the washroom hahaha)

I already have started to have that nagging feeling of anxiety over my training. It is something I want to work more on this season; I would get so stressed if I missed a training run before. I would feel my own pressure building when schedules did not work out, or timing did not work out for my runs and I would automatically assume I was unable to complete a half marathon.  If I had a cold, or sore legs or whatever it was that caused me to miss a run, I would right away start doubting myself. It was a real struggle my first training time through!  I am starting to learn and accept more the need to listen to my body.  It is OK to rest. Sometimes a body gets sick because it is letting you know it needs to rest.

But more than that, I needed to remind myself that:

I can do it! I remind myself that I am already a Marathoner, and I am already a runner, and I am OK to rest and let my body rejuvenate. I can do it.

Now that I know I can do this run, this distance I want to focus on enjoying the training more. I want to enjoy experimenting with fueling, and working on maintaining a pace, working on perfecting my 10:1. I want to love this, the way I found a love for running.

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