Sunday, 25 March 2012


I sat down to blog.
I felt like I had lots to say - I posted some pictures I had taken from my most recent long runs. I was going to brag about beating my 15km PR today by almost 9 full minutes.
And than I sat down; and opened the computer and just felt tired.

My 16k today was hard; it was a decent run but I felt tired through it.  My massage therapist worked my legs really hard yesterday and than I helped Stu build a new fence.
And now it is 9pm - I feel exhausted :)

So I just might "run" with this feeling, and enjoy a nice early night - stretching out my legs in bed and resting for approx. 8 hours!

So let me share some "stretching" video's for you all - to stretch and rest - because that is what I will be doing tonight too! :)

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