Sunday, 8 April 2012

The "I will be able to finish" Run...

Pismo and I rested Good Friday afternoon - as you can tell. We rested in preparation for Saturday. Well, I rested in preparation for Saturday - Pismo just rested because he is a dog :)

Saturday I did my "I will be able to finish" training run.  It was an 18km run and I always consider it to be the "I will be able to finish" run because if I can complete it I will only have to run 3 more km to finish the Half Marathon so I know it's do-able.

Like when I ran my first 5k, or 10k there is a certain distance when running that I think confirms you can run the distance training for. A guy from my church (Hi Tim!) is training to run a full marathon on the day I run my half.  Stu was telling me he is running 32km's this weekend and I suppose that would be the same for him; the distance where he knows he will be able to complete the full. The "I will be able to finish" distance.

The run was great, I have gotten myself into a steady routine this training session that is making an incredible difference with my runs.  Most new runners are taught to follow the infamous 10:1. Run for 10 minutes, walk for 1 minute. I wanted to be able to conquer that so that when I do my Half Marathon in May I could stay with the 2:45 pace bunny who will be running 10:1. Than I remembered my lungs are squished :) and after a few valiant efforts of running 12km using 10:1 I decided to drop that idea and try something new on my own. I just couldn't maintain a steady 10:1. So what I started doing this time around is running 1km than walking 1 minute. I do not allow myself to walk more than 1 minute - and I am fairly dedicated to allowing that walking time at each km.  Oh what a difference it has made! I am hitting new time records on almost all of my long runs and even the 18k I ran on Saturday I shaved 9 minutes off my best time.  The real difference in coming when I get into higher mileage - I used to really start to burn out after about 15k but with this new routine I am keeping a faster pace than I have EVER done during the entirety of my long runs - and even almost running negative splits.

I am sold.

I only do it for distances over 6k - and though the majority of my running friends could probably run a Half Marathon and not walk at all - this is greatly increasing my distances and splits so I am sold on it!

I have another 18km run this upcoming weekend , than 20km the next weekend followed by that wonderful word - tapering.

It is hard to believe I am about 28 days away from my next Half.
I encourage anyone of you reading to realize the potential you have as a runner.
The first athletic thing I did in MY ENTIRE LIFE was at the age of 26 and it involved a 2km run which I thought was just going to kill me - 1 1/2 years later I am heading into my second Half-Marathon - but you know what they say....  ;)

"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me (and my calf's, shins and quads)"........

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