Sunday, 17 June 2012

I am doing the 5k a day in June.
Today is June 17th - for the last 16 days I have ran (or walked, and biked once lol) 5k.
That totals 80kms in June so far - no wonder my toenails are blackening again.

I have come to realise I need a challenge to stay healthy. I love running; on most days - I love more the way my whole body feels as a runner - but if there is no end goal, no challenge I am much more comfortable staying in bed.

I do not start to train for my next Half Marathon until the end of July so I know I needed something to keep me going for June - and that is when I found the 5k a day in June challenge. I would almost say it is harder than my marathon training - merely because it is so consistent and because with the heat beginning to rise in Southern Ontario it means I am up at 5:45am to tie up the laces.

I am almost halfway done, I do walk some of my 5k's to give me joints a rest and to be completely honest I had a sore hip after one run so the next day I biked 10k - a little cross training to rest the sore running muscles.

I have not weighed myself in 4 years - following in the steps of my beautiful mother I have abandoned the scale and track my "health" in terms of how I feel, how I sleep and my measurements. I tend to not talk about those things on here, because being so strongly involved in the life of teenage girls I am very aware of how sensitive promoting constant weighing can be. But I did take my measurements at the beginning of my 5kaday challenge, and 17 days in I am 5 1/2 inches smaller  - perhaps there really is something to this daily running aspect :)

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