Tuesday, 9 October 2012

11 days.

Less than 2 weeks to the Detroit Half Marathon.
I found this picture of last year's Half Marathon start line and continue to look at it when I need some excitement for the big day!

The training has been going good - I am in "tapering" now so it does involve less mileage and a little more relaxing :)

I went home for Thanksgiving and got in some good hill runs, good and gorgeous - when I grew up on the Island all I wanted was to get off the Island, now that I live 7 hours away - all I want is to live there again.  The colors were amazing, the views and the lake blew me away as I ran - it was a blessing to be home and to be with family.  Those that live near their family should be reminded daily of how lucky they are, I recognize that now that I only get to go home a couple times a year.

My last long run was wonderful - it was long and exhausting but completing 20k again reassured me of my ability to complete a haf marathon.  I ran with my wonderful running partner ;) out by the lake in Erieau and God again painted a beautiful sky in order for me to maintain a pace and steady mindset.

I find myself living very carefully these past few days - watching what I eat more (passed on some delicious cupcakes at work today!) and making sure to spend some time doing extra cross training and stretching.
I dream about Detroit, I dream about forgetting my running belt, losing my shoes, forgetting my watch and having to quit early - I also dream about completing all 3 of my goals at this race:
Goal # 1 - Finish my 3rd Half Marathon
Goal # 2  -Finish before 3:03 (PB)
Goal # 3 - Finish within 3 hours
As you can tell, "3" seems to be the main focus here - and as I think about the race and dream about the race :) I try to keep my main concentration on goal #1 - simply finishing.
I am wonderfully blessed to be able to run this distance, and again I remind myself that I am not discouraged that I will not win a Grammy  - so regardless of my finishing time - I will be once again a Half Marathon runner.

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