Sunday, 18 August 2013


I am up to 14km in my training runs now for the RBC Run for the Kids 25km race in September.  With 5 weeks to go I am ramping up my distances for my long runs fairly quickly, ensuring I will be able to get these distances in and feel more comfortable with the thought of 25k.  (Will I ever really feel comfortable with that distance though? lol)

Today's run was hard, I "slept in" too late which resulted in me being out on the road with more sunshine this morning and though that sounds really nice it was actually starting to get a little too warm for comfort.  I am starting to fight a cold and my legs felt like lead - yes, it was one of "those" runs.  Today was one of the day's I didn't like running - I have talked about that before on my blog HERE and it is not a big shocker to anyone reading this I am sure!

I have lots of runner friends now, that comes in all shapes and sizes and speeds ;) Many times we confide in each other over our struggles and triumphs while we run but sometimes I  feel I am sharing more regularly about struggles than triumphs! Running is really hard for me, it is a battle mentally almost all of the time but also a challenge physically.  I do not stride gracefully through 14km without breaking a sweat or having at least 1 body part aching.  I work hard and push hard and look as though I am doing something very hard!  Some days I feel jealous of those runners who seem to tackle the higher distances with such ease but than I wonder if I would still keep at it,  or feel so passionate about it if it was easy.

I am good at writing speeches.  I am hired often to write speeches for people who need a little hand with something to say at a wedding, funeral, graduation or business meeting - since writing speeches is easy for me I do not find I get the same fulfilment out of them.  So maybe that is what's great about my running, it is hard and because of that when I complete a new distance, or hit a new PR (which occurs few and far between) it feels much more satisfying than a wedding toast.

Last weekend during my long run one of my RBC teammates and I were pacing together only about 2k into the run  - we were chatting about work and life out on this long road into the country.  All of a sudden another runner passed us - he wasn't from our team - he was fast, and strong and said a simple "Good Morning" as he passed us with one stride - my partner and I laughed nervously at each other both picking up our pace a little as we wondered where he came from.  We only had to wonder that for a few minutes when I turned around and a large crowd of runners was approaching (fast) from behind.  Apparently our mourning route overlapped the route of a local running club and they were gaining on us fast.  I cannot express the relief I felt when we turned right onto a country road and they continued straight.  I felt relief but also a bit challenged, and I think that is good for me.  Because I do find running long distances hard, and because I do struggle through mentally and physically it is good for me to be challenged every now and than by other runners to ensure I don't give up on game.  I see other runners and feel a camaraderie and inspiration from them which gives me the strength to push through.............................even on the tough runs.


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