Saturday, 19 October 2013

Remember when I used to run? and blog?

On Saturday, August 24th I ran 16km without stopping.  That was a new record for me, actually blew away the old one by 6km.  I always take walk breaks during my long runs, whether I am running 10:1 or taking a walk break at each km during a Half Marathon.  But on August 24th, halfway into my training for my first 25k run I completed my 16k long run with no walk breaks at all.  And I was thrilled, I was proud of myself and I felt encouraged for my 25k race.

The next day I found out I was pregnant - all of a sudden in the matter of a few weeks I went from running a 16k with no walk breaks, to spending most of my non-work time medicated in bed.  Morning sickness was more a permanent 24/7 sickness for me and the most energy I could muster was to walk the dog around the block. 

I put my bag of running gear on the top shelf in the closet - sure that my running "career" was done, at least for another 9 months.   The next few months were full of nausea, sleepiness, excitement, nervousness and pure joy - especially when the time came that we could share our news with friends and family.  (Please join in our joy by watching our big "reveals" HERE )

I kept hearing the promises from my doctor and other moms that said the sickness would start to go away, the energy would come back and I would actually feel good.  I couldn't imagine feeling good ever again! But today I woke up and thought that for a few minutes maybe I did actually feel good - maybe I did have some extra energy and that is when I knew I had to harness that "maybe" and literally run with it.

I laced up my shoes which hadn't been worn for months and ran a nice slow and steady 3k! Last year on this weekend I ran my 3rd Half Marathon and this morning when I finished my 3k I felt like it was even more of an accomplishment than 21.1k  I thought that maybe I could do this, could run and be pregnant, could grow this wonderful new life that God has blessed me with and feel good while doing so!

There have been so many changes already with me, both physically and emotionally so it was such a release to feel the road under my feet again, to run knowing I wasn't alone on this journey, to put my hand on my belly and tell him/her that he/she is loved and prayed for daily and to let the little baby know - that is what 3k feels like.

I felt good today, I cannot say I will tomorrow - and I cannot promise my jeans will fit for even another week, but......

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