Thursday, 10 March 2016

32 things to do while I am 32 - UPDATED.

32 things to do while I am 32
1.       Eat Thai food at an authentic Thai restaurant
2.       Make homemade dill pickles    - done, many batches in fact
3.        Do a Zumba class
4.        Read a book a month - on track!
5.        Take my vitamins every day - Everyday so far!
6.        Watch the entire “Lost” series - Done - and confused.
7.        Learn to change a car tire
8.        Attend a concert
9.        Read Revelations
10.    Visit a different country - "There's a girl waiting for me down in Mexico..."
11.    Write an article that gets published
12.    Eat a French macaroon - it was delicious!
13.    Visit Parliament
14.    Get my legs waxed
15.    Shoot a handgun
16.    Don’t read any celebrity gossip for the entire year - Haven't read any so far!
17.    Catch a large mouth bass
18.    Run/Walk 32km a month - 32km for Sept,Oct and Nov completed!
19.    Send snail mail to a friend every month - Yes! Did you get your letter?
20.    Volunteer
21.    Go to a MLB game
22.    Eat dinner at a restaurant alone
23.    Swim in all 5 of the Great Lakes - I will definitely have to wait a few more months before starting this one!
24.    Complete the “1000 gifts app”
25.    Blog every month - Check!
26.    It’s a surprise!!! - Soon friends....the reveal will be soon!
27.    Cook great tasting ribs
28.    Plant a tree
29.   Fly first class
30.    Watch “Legends of the Fall”
31.   Find a good lipstick color
32.   Visit Joanne

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