Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the good runs and the bad.

Yesterday I had an awful run, just dead awful. So awful that for the first time in my running career I cut a run short. I am over it now, but at the time was very sad to have to do so. I sorta knew starting out it was going to be bad, but I tend to get quite determined when I head out to finish the run regardless of that means walking or not. I was due to do 9km but only did 7.52, so this is the part of my training when I learn about how to treat my body. Joanne said as my training progresses and runs get longer I will really need to pay attention to the days prior to the long runs. I do my long runs on Sundays and my whole weekend was "off" from my normal schedule. I always do my long runs early on Sunday morning, well that didn't work out this week and I slept awful Saturday night probably only really getting about 6 hours of tossing and turning sleep - so the lack of sleep was "bad run factor #1". Than we had lunch at my in-laws after church, which is our typical Sunday event, however usually I am done my run than and usually I only eat a banana some yogurt and maybe a slice of two of cheese before a long run - in comes "bad run factor #2" eating a huge lunch a couple hours before heading out for the run. "bad run factor # 3" was my biggest mistake. After an awful sleep and a big lunch I than decide to spend 3 hours cutting the grass and working in my garden while roasting in the sun before heading out on my run. That there was probably my biggest mistake, had I have rested in the afternoon and not got sunburned I probably could have turned out a much better run. Than nature also took its course and as I headed out on the run we were officially in a tornado watch in 32 degrees heat. That is really what ended the run early. I was at 7km and thought, even if I have to walk I will finish this 9k, but when the sky quickly darkened and the thunder was louder than my ipod I thought it was finally time to head home. I was really upset about it, but I talked to Joanne and researched a little and was reassured that bad runs happen, and as I train more I will learn how to plan my day and my food more accordingly. And perhaps keep a better eye on the weather ;)

I found this blog when I was discouraged and looking for some encouragement that my one bad run didn't mean I should throw in my shoes forever :) It is really quite good to read so I thought I would share:

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