Monday, 20 June 2011

it's not pretty this morning.

and i told myself not to blog, cause i will just sound like the babbling girl i am right now.
but today, the "stay strong emotionally and mentally" part is not working.
i feel tired.
too tired and frustrated. and i know part of that is just cause i am tired. But today I feel like 21km is just too far, and i feel like i will never be able to be the runner i hoped, and i feel frustrated that no amount of training is going to straighten my spine to make this running thing easier.
so today is that part of training that feels too hard.
my body is tired, my mind is tired and i have had to put my make-up on twice already this morning because i just keep crying it off :)
i know i can't start out my week like this, cause i have 27km I have to log...but right now i just feel too tired to keep fighting. No one warned me training would be this hard :)
and i told myself not to blog about this; but i want my blog to be honest, even on the mornings when i want to stop. and this is me being honest :)

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