Monday, 5 September 2011

the aftermath.

I suppose I should let all of you know I am alive still :)
Alive just not running so I only feel partially alive :)
I cry about it all the time too, I can't believe how emotional running has made me!

My foot is mending, which I find more frustrating because some days it feels almost fine, and I think "Oh, it's only 7 days till my half marathon, I could probably run this still" but than my wonderful husband says no, and I have to listen to the doc, and if he said "NO" to next week's half marathon, I have to stick with that. Because even though it doesnt hurt when I wake up, or walk the dog - who knows what would happened if I tried to run for 3hrs on it. The last thing I want to do is more damage to my foot. All throughout this I said to the doc "I would rather be told to not run next weekend and find a new half marathon to run than try to run it and half to quit halfway because of pain"
That would be the WORST. Cause I always finish my runs.

Some days its really sore, and that reminds me I still need to heal.

I am trying to enjoy my time off, though its hard because I would rather be running. But I remind myself it won't be long till I throw myself back into training and all my time is consumed with long runs, lost toenails and sore legs. So I tell myself to enjoy today, enjoy sleeping in, and having days off from running.
It's just so hard. my whole summer was controlled by when I ran and what distance I ran - it controlled what I ate the day before, the week before, what I wore, what I did at night. And now that the controlling is gone, I feel lost and awkward.

I will begin training again, I have already chosen my next (but still first!) half marathon. I haven't registered yet, I just keep watching it - the same way I watch flights to Africa.
I check the web page everyday, check to see how many are registered, how they are predicting the weather, who the special guests will be. I guess I feel I might jinx it if I register quite yet. I think I will begin training this week, by just attempting to run really short distances, maybe 2 or 3 km and see how my foot feels.

I found this good article on "returning to running":

So now I try to enjoy my days off, and my rest and my long weekends, before my triumphant return to running :)

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