Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Comeback.

Well folks, tomorrow morning I was supposed to be running my first half marathon.
I will not be, but my trainer Joanne is so keep her in your prayers :)

I have however begun "The Comeback"
That is what I am referring to my return to training which began today. I ran my first 5k since spraining my foot, and it actually felt ok :) I mean my foot felt good, the rest of my body hated me. Hahaha, seems it came to enjoy the time off :)

I ran it with my good friend Nicole, she helps me keep a good pace and we seem to subconsciously push each other more when we run together. We will be running Detroit's 5k on Oct.16th, her first race event ever. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

I turned 28 Friday.
I ran 5k Saturday.
I will be spending my Sunday with my parents; who had taken time off work to come down and watch me run my first half marathon. As amazing as they are, they still came all the way down here for the visit, and even brought birthday gifts :)

I will try not to be too discouraged tomorrow about not being at my first half. As a birthday present to myself I registered to run the Niagara Falls Half Marathon in Oct. provided I don't injure myself again :)

I thought running Niagara Falls in October would be a very pretty run, that and the fact that it is referred to as the countries "Flatest and Fastest Half Marathon Course" was fairly appealing :)

I hope you stick with me, through my return to training, through "The Comeback"...

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